Why give your dog organic food?

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vido_dogWhy Organic?

You are what you eat!

Just as your diet affects how you feel and your general well being , it’s the same for your dog. What he/she eats will have an impact on his health and coat. You wouldn’t eat the equivalent of ‘junk food’ all the time so why feed it to your best friend?

Organic dog food doesn’t contain bulk fillers as it is naturally more nutritious. An organic diet can help your dog lose weight as he will be naturally more full and less inclined to ‘ask’ for titbits and treats. Many organic dog food manufacturers, such as Yarrah also make vegetarian and vegan dog food using natural fresh herbs and vegetables.

As organic food is free of artificial colour, flavour enhancers, chemicals and toxins, it could help your dog combat skin ailments or allergies. Just as giving up junk food/cutting down on junk food and eating an organic diet will improve your well being and appearance and positivity for life, the same is true for your dog. Why not try adding some Organic food to your dogs normal diet and see the difference it can make.


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