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Hypoallegenic Dog Treats - Fish

80% Freshly Prepared Fish Hypoallergenic Dog Treats


These tasty hypoallergenic dog treats are free from artificial flavours and colourings and contains 80% of freshly prepared Fish hypoallergenic bites have been formulated with Europe’s leading nutritionists and avoid ingredients that are known to cause allergies and itching, such as artificial flavourings, colourings, grains and cereals.

Made in the UK


Hypoallergenic Dog Treats - FishTreat your dog to these tasty hypoallergenic fish dog treats with no artificial colouring or flavours

  • Contain 80% freshly prepared fish
  • Formulated with Europe’s leading nutritionists
  • Hypoallergenic – no added grains or cereals
  • No artificial flavourings or colourings
  • Made in the UK
  • 200g / 7oz pack

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