Santa Paws is coming to town!

Here in the Miller house, we love Christmas and we love buying things for Roly so she definitely gets spoilt! Roly has heard the name "Santa Paws" so many times she knows it's an exciting name, although Paddy is convinced it's all to do with my tone. I like to believe that she believes in a furry dog in a red suit! We thought we would share some of the gifts on Roly's Santa Paws list.

Obviously this year has been hard for a lot of people and we will be trying to keep costs low, but at the same time we want to support small businesses. We will share some of the items we have been able to purchase as well as others we think would make great gifts! Not only that, we will share some of our homemade gifts too.

All whilst trying to be as eco-conscious as possible!

Buddy Bubbles Christmas Soap

We love Buddy Bubbles! Soap bars are an excellent alternative to bottles and these soaps are amazing! Not only are the products fantastic to use but the costumer service is outstanding! I can't praise these products enough. We've been using Buddy Bubbles for a while now and love them! Roly is definitively receiving one of these Christmas jumper shaped soaps.

Hiker Hounds Dog Collar

A friend of mine shared Hiker Hounds with me and I have wanted to buy Roly a collar ever since. These are made from upcycled climbing ropes and many of them are named after local spots to our home town in Northern Ireland. We have purchased Roly one and we can't wait to see her in the new collar!

Smug Mutts Dog Toy

Natural dog toys made from hemp and wood. We've shared our thoughts on dog toys before and these are the perfect sustainable solution! Smug Mutts have even made some Christmas adjustments to their engravings which we think are super cute! Roly will be receiving this, but from another supplier which we will share more about below.

Green and Wilds Dog Toy

We think the Green and Wilds dog toys look super cute, especially Rudy the Reindeer! These toys are made from jute, split leather, waste cotton or recycled plastic. Roly has already received one of these toys in her Collar Club subscription box and it's a new favourite.

Green Fang Selection Box

There are an increasing number of small pet shops with an environmental focus appearing. One of these is Green Fang who have put together an eco-friendly selection box, with the Smug Mutts toy, an olivewood chew and some tasty treats! This is an excellent way to purchase more than one gift and reduce the postage and packaging. They also sell other treats, chews and dog toys so I would recommend checking them out! Roly will be receiving one of these selection boxes.


If your dog doesn't like the rain or the cold this is the perfect gift for them. Hundr make THE nicest dog jackets out of recycled human coats, and compared to some of the big brand dog coats the prices are very reasonable for an eco-friendly alternative. Before we discovered Hundr we made our own dog coat for Roly (it looks hideous) but we will definitely purchase one of these in the future.

Adios Plastic

Every dog owner needs poo bags and I have mentioned before how we think compostable ones are the way forward! Adios Plastic have just launched new colours so if you love all things bright these are perfect for you. They offer a subscription service which is so easy and means you never have to worry about running out ever again! We already have these festive bags and are using them now but why not add a few rolls to your pets pressie and make the switch to compostable!

Recycled Toys

We have saved a large number of soft toys Roly has destroyed over the past year, Instead of throwing these out we have salvaged those we can and given them a stitch up. We can't wait to see Roly's face when she sees her old favourite soft toys back again! Obviously, we will only save those we think are safe to do so and Roly will never be left alone with any of these toys. If you decide to do something similar please be aware of any choking hazards!

Homemade treats

Biscuits always seem to come in plastic wrappers or can be extremely expensive to buy in recyclable packaging. Why not make your own tasty treats with ingredients you have in your house already? We will share one of our favourite recipes before Christmas so you can give them a try.


We don't wrap Roly's presents. Dog's don't really care and in our eyes it's really unnecessary. We do however have a homemade stocking for smaller gifts to fit in to that we can then reuse every year.

We hope this gift guide has given you some inspiration for your pooch! Let us know what you are gifting and if you have any other eco-friendly gift ideas.

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