Getting Down and Dirty

We were lucky to start off with a puppy who hated the muck and would avoid it at all costs. Now, we have a dog who will always wait to the end of a walk and find the biggest mucky patch she can and run through it!

We try and avoid bathing Roly every week and aim to wash her once a month. Some times it is more often, other times it is less.

One of the first changes Paddy and I made when trying be greener was to switch to shampoo bars, so it made sense for us to switch to a bar for Roly too.

The average UK household typically throws away 10 shampoo and conditioner bottles a year according to Circular. That equates to 520million a year for the UK!!! That is just for human shampoo so pet bottles will be added to that total. Switching to a shampoo bar removes the need for plastic bottles and means their is no waste at the end of the life of the product. There are loads of shampoo bar options for our pooches but we LOVE Buddy Bubbles!

They reached out to us at the start of our journey and we love their ethos, energy and excellent customer service. Not only are their products eco-friendly and work really well, they care for all their customers.

As a child I always helped wash the family pets and I wish we had had Buddy Bubbles back then! They sell "sisal" bags that hold the soap and it makes the soap so much easier to use than shampoo in a bottle. The bars also last a long time and we still are using the Christmas soaps.

Dalmatians can have sensitive skin with lots of allergies (Roly is even allergic to rain but we will talk more about this another time) but Buddy Bubbles soap has never brought Roly out in a rash! We also use the conditioner bars too and Roly is always left with incredibly soft and clean fur with a subtle fresh smell. We are never left with that traditional wet dog shampoo smell!

Roly isn't the biggest fan of bath time but she does love being rubbed down and wrapped in a towel and we've recently bought her a bamboo towelling robe from a local business, Crafty Jac. We think it was well worth the money and Roly is really pleased. We love that it's sustainable bamboo too!

In between washes we do have some of the doggy deodorant from Buddy Bubbles which we had customised and comes in a glass bottle.

With so many options and more small business making dog shampoo bars there has never been an easier time to make the switch!

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