About Us


Who are we?

We are Paddy, Naomi and Roly. 

Roly is an 11 month old Dalmatian born in England.  Paddy and Naomi were born in Northern Ireland.  We all live together in West Lothian, Scotland.

Naomi is the main voice of The Green Dog but you may occasionally hear from Paddy.  Roly only gives her opinion if dog biscuits are involved.

What are we doing and why?

The way we have been living is damaging the world we live in.  We need to change what we are doing before it is too late.

Naomi realised that even though we were making personal changes to go green, everything we were buying Roly was in single use plastic and couldn't be composted or recycled after its use.

When we looked in to it, environmentally friendly dog products were harder to find than those for humans.  So this is our journey on going green with Roly.